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Action Cams – More than Meets the Eye

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    “Action Cams” are becoming more popular every year. These little cameras can get down and dirty when you’re out in the wild. With protective cases, these cams are built for extreme shooting. The new GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition is one of the latest action cameras out there today. Check out this interview with GoPro’s own David Newman, Senior Director of Software Engineering, and Kevin Bourke of BourkePR.

    How many of you would or are using an action cam in your “run and gun” shoots?

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    I've been using a 'Point and Shoot' camera as a grab and go rig and as a crashcam. Recently I picked up a JVC ADIXXION Sports Camera and like it very much. These cameras are quite handy and can go where even DSLRs can't. Despite surprisingly good imagery, I have no intentions of using a sportscam as a primary unless the situation allows no other choice.

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    I have used the GoPro Hero 2 and really like the quality of the image.  The only thing to keep in mind is that the Hero 2 needs a LOT of light.  Not great for shooting indoors, but great for outdoor use.  One thing to keep in mind is what the lens is set on in the settings.  A wide lens setting gives more of a 'fishbowl' effect, while a narrow lens setting looks more like normal video.  I would recommend the narrow if editing this footage with other camera footage.


    I plan to use the GoPro camera for a 3rd camcorder during wedding shots, but have not had the chance to do so yet.   



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