Acoustic problem! Need help.

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      This is not a home studio but a classroom studio that I need some acoustic help with. I have carpet on 3/4 of the walls and carper on the floor. The back wall which is a green wall is a hard surface and the big observation window we have from our control room is also hard. I have put up over 36 3" foam acoustic tiles on the side walls to help and it has but not enough. The ceiling is suspended but it has been painted black which may have taken away much of the acoustic properties. I do believe much of the resonance is coming from the ceiling. Is there something anyone would recommend to help that could be placed on the ceiling? Burlap? Foam? Does anyone know or can you steer me in the right direction? Thanks.

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      Hello Scott,


      Acoustic's is always a tough one just like tv's it really depends on personal preference.


      Have you seen these?

      I have no personal experience with them, but this could be what you are looking for to fix that drop ceiling.


      Best of luck


      P.S. Might help others if you try to describe in detail the problem you are having like: the room feels to echoy sound just bounces all over the place. or something like that.

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      I have heard that removing some of the suspended ceiling tiles could help for acoustic problems.  Is this true?

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