accidental reencoding from 25 FPS to 30 FPS

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      Hello everyone.

      I’m new to this site. I’m a professional subtitler, not a video editor, so when it comes to frame rates all I know is that I have to check the video’s original FPS before I start my timecoding, and if I don’t I’m gonna have to apply an offset later.

      That said, as it happens, we accidentally imported a video, which originally was a 25 FPS, as a 30 FPS file because of a default setting in our converter that we forgot to change. I can still use the original 25 FPS, so in principle I have no problem to solve, but I just thought I’d ask the experts what damage is done to a file that was a 25 FPS if it gets converted to 30 FPS. Is this something that impacts the image quality or what?

      Thank you in advance for any information.

      Monica Paolillo

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      It’s going to depend on the software that’s being used. Just under five frames a second are going to have to be added to the PAL footage and many NLE programs have the ability to do this. How successfully will depend on the program.

      Another possibility, I believe, would be to create an intermediary, edit from that, then render back to PAL and from that to NTSC.

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