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      I need to show a Doc file in my movie.
      so I have to save it as a picture file first.

      I need the video to show the Doc file(the image) from top to down.
      in the first 2 seconds, its shows the first paragraph.
      in 3rd and 4th seconds, it shows the second paragraph.
      in 5th and 6th seconds, it shows the third paragraph.
      How to do it?

      I do not want to create 3 separated image files.

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      I haven’t used WMM in a very long time but I don’t think it can can do a “tilt down” on a still image so you’re going to have to use a series of still images. If you have Photoshop, save the Doc file as a PDF and bring that into Photoshop. Then split it into 3 separate images and save them. PNG is my preferred format but JPEG might be easier for WMM to work with.


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      You can use the method Mike described, but change it into a single image. You should then be able to use Windows Movie Maker’s “Pan and Zoom” effect which is under the Animations tab. It might take a bit of trial and error to get the timing right. If you don’t have Photoshop, the extraction from PDF can be done in the (much cheaper) Photoshop Elements. Or alternatively, at a push, you could do a screen grab of your PDF, though the resolution won’t be as good.

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      hagan8, thanks for your comment. As I said I haven’t used WMM in a very long time so I had no idea about the “Pan and Zoom” effect. Hopefully this helps the OP.


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