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      Hi guys 😉  I've produced this video… I written, played and recorded the music in my house.. opinions? 

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      Well Quacy, I am nt sure what you are looking for. Are you looking for opinion on the music or the video or both. It would be nice to kow what your objecive was wih this piece. I supect that with such an open request, you will get plenty of vague comments about how good the music was and well the video was eited, but that is not going to accomplish much. Can you give a more specifc request? .  

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      To echo John's statement, it would be nice to know specifics to comment on. Since you mentioned music, I thought it would have been nice to build up the tempo of the music before he makes the jump at 1:15. Liked the drop off on audio after that though.


      Didn't care for the iceberg rendering at 1:38. Didn't match the rest of the footage in the piece. Not necessary in my opinion. Also too long, starting drifting off after the 2 minute mark. Perhaps a change of music would have helped keep in interested. Maybe something faster, something to perk up my interest. Just my two cents worth.

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      You're right… I agree with you because I don't have clear ideas about my video… I'm looking for opinion mainly on the music: in fact images are not mine but i wrote the music. I tried to make also a video because I believe that my music can't exist alone, without a video. I like very much commercial spots and i was inspired by them. So I would like to have opinion about the music and also the idea.

      Thank you

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      Up early or up late? First of all, thanks for claryifying your request and good effort on this self written & produced piece. I am not a music expert, however, it sounded like the piano could have used better recording. Either better mic placement, better mic or both. I liked the synthesized strings for effect. It is a pleasant enough piece and would work very wel for scoring the right video. As for the concept, if the title is Lights of Manhattan, I would expect to see lights of Manhattan, not beaches, planes , mountains. There is a break in the middle and I am not sure what you are going for there. The dance scene could have worked for the whole song, but I would expect longer clips. This is just my style. I am not big on bunches of short clips, which is the style of current music video, especially with a slow piece like this. Obviously you have musical training and you can get feedback on your composition and performance from your music group.


      As for the video, perhaps you can get some more feedback from this group. My approach would be either the music tells the story and the video enhances it or the video tells the story and the music enhances it.


      What did you have in mind when you did this. What was your inspiration? Which Commercial? Who is your audience?   it you or is it others?


      I am sure if you study your inspiriation piece you will find elements of an objective, a conflict and a journey, change or transformation within the setting and its characters Those are the elements of a good story.


      Keep working at it. You have a good start 

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