A few videos of people with phones (Millions of people will see it)

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      Hey everyone, I need your help! I created an app that helps people learn spoken English. I want to add a video of how to use my app before release. This is voluntarily. From my side I will add your name and instagram or twitter account to the video.

      If you are ok with this, please read some details about the video:

      -Videos should show people with phones. Ideally they should say something because the app uses voice recognition.
      -It also can be people with earphones that riding bike, car, walking with dogs or doing another activity because the app has hands free mode.
      -The age group (12-35)
      -Region doesn't matter. It will be even better if the videos will be from different regions.
      -It should show some emotions (like spotify video)

      If you have any questions, please ask me here or by email. Or if you know someone who can help me, please share this post! Thank you!
      email: boikonikolai.sf@gmail.com
      instagram: @postoronnii

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