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      Hello, I had a question I am sure has been asked by am unable to find an answer.


      I am trying to transfer 8mm and Super 8 film to Digital. I am using what I have read is the "amateur" method. One of the issues is frame rates causing scrolling. Which appears to be a regular issue.


      Equipment I currently have to do this with.


      * Bell and Howell Super 8mm Projector

      * DHC converter

      * JVC Full HD Digital Video Camera

      * Adobe Premiere Elements

      * All proper cabling


      Everything is set up, I was able to get the film images clear and can do any cleanup. What I cannot do is get the scrolling out.


      I have read that keeping the Digital Video Cam 36 inches away from the screen of the DHC would prevent it from picking up scrolling. However, that isnt working. 


      Do I have any options with this equipment short of going out and buying a $3000 converter?


      Thanks in advance



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      Is your camcorder able to capture @ 24fps?  This might alleviate some or all of the scroll.  I'm glad you brought this up.  I have some footage I was going to attempt the same thing.


      There is a company, Scandigital, that does this for a fee.

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