7 lessons I’ve learnt since becoming a freelance cameraman.

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      I have been wanting to write an article like this for a little while now, and seeing as it’s raining outside and I have no shoots on, today seems like a good day to do it!
      There are loads to resources to provide ideas and hints on the best ways to prepare yourself before throwing in the nice, secure, full-time job in the video production industry and going out into the scary world of freelancing – this article is meant to be just a small collection of tips that I have learnt over the last 3 years and how they have helped make my life easier.
      Before starting cameraoperatorsydney.com I was a full-time staff cameraman & editor for around 6 years at TV stations here in Australia, as well as a few years working for a production house in London. My full-time experience proved to be invaluable experience and a way of gaining a solid set of skills behind the camera, directing and seeing the end-to-end video project journey.

      1. Setting a date to become freelance is key.

      Setting a date in your head to become freelance is important – it gets rid of the “I’ll do it one day” attitude as well as helping you plan to get yourself ready. A few questions to think about:
      Do I need to buy equipment or am I going to try and gain work by just offering my skills?
      How am I going to get my name out there? Website / Business cards / calling contacts / cold calling / freelance communities?
      What will my focus within the industry be?
      Setting a launch schedule, I suggest around 3 months out to start cutting your showreel, designing your business cards & making a website to prepare yourself ready for launch.

      The rest of the article is here:


      Would love to hear if you guys have any other lessons you have learnt?

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      importance of white balance!

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