50% off Cinematic Cookbook: awesome new camera and lighting course

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Hi everyone! DVcreators has a half-off deal for an awesome new camera and lighting course taught by an award-winning cinematographer and commercial director.


Click here to watch the trailer, learn more and purchase.


Use promo code VIDEOMAKER50 to get 50% off.


Cinematic Cookbook is a one hour video course that will teach you camera and lighting techniques to create a wide variety of powerful cinematic styles on any budget. The iconic styles include Classic Drama, Noir, Modern Horror, Modern Comedy, Sitcom and more. Everything from framing, focal length, shot size, and lighting is covered with great behind-the-scenes footage and 3D diagrams.


To get the course for 50% off, click here and use this coupon code at checkout: VIDEOMAKER50
You'll get the $99 course for $49. At that price, it easily pays for itself after one gig. 
There's a trailer and tons more info on the site.