4k video output from a Nikon D500

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      I had a Sony xv-2000 camcorder that I was able to use a Firewire IEEE 1394 6 pin cable into my laptop and use Adobe Premiere CS6 to capture my live recordings. The Sony has died and has been replaced by a Nikon D500 that outputs 4K UHD video thru its USB port. I know USB & Firewire are totally different language so the converters I can afford do not translate correctly. Is there any software I can purchase for my laptop that will allow me to input/capture 4k 3840×2160(UHD) thru a USB port?

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      This does not sound right. The Nikon d500 should output video over it’s HDMI output, not USB. You will need a hdmi to usb 3 device to input to your laptop

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