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      I’m a consumer level video person. I am looking to upgrade my camera to one that will also support “4K” (though I’ll probably still use 1080 most of the time). I currently use Adobe Premiere Elements 14 for editing. I called Adobe support to inquire about the software’s support for “4K”. I was told the software does support “4K” editing HOWEVER it has no software provision to allow creation of a “4K” type DVD. I was told if I wanted to play a “4K” video file to a “4K” monitor or TV, I could only view it by streaming from the PC to the monitor or TV. Not what I was expecting. I see that there are now “4K” DVD players on the market. Is the problem with my Adobe software not being robust enough to create something
      akin to a Blu Ray 4K DVD, or is this just not possible at this time?

      Thanks for the conversation.

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