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      First I want to say hello to everybody, this is my first post here πŸ™‚

      I’m looking to buy new semi-pro cam and just can’t decide so I’m looking for advice from experts what cam to get.

      Actually, my choice is Sony pxw z100, but that one is bit (quite a large bit…) out of current budget.

      60p (or 50 as I’m in Europe) is a must – I have Panasonic photocamera fz1000 and while quality is acceptable, there is visible that footage is not so smooth as desired – material we do have a lot of fast movement.

      We have Panasonic x1000 too and quality of picture is really low for that kind of camera – even on sunlight . Indoor, quality of image is not good at all even with good light.

      There are rumors that Sony ax100 will support 50p in new firmware and that camera could work, but would still go for some more pro piece.

      Any recommendation for some camera in range 2000-3500$ or Γ’β€šΒ¬? 50/60pp at 4k, image stabilization and decent image quality is must, 422 would be great, but not the must.


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      SONY AX100 4K=Unbelievable quality!
      SONY history with both audio and video blend perfectly in a prosumer, reasonably priced camera.ONLY drawbacks are no interchangeable lenses and could be wider on the short end. A little heavy on the menu side, but enough buttons to make it useful for ENG work which is what I do. No goofy CODECS and edits seamlessly in ADOBE Premiere CC 2015. AWESOME ability to do alternate crops with large file. Superb SONY audio that we’ve come to expect over the decades. You will not be disappointed. Buy one.

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      Or consider Sony PXW-X70. $2500 with 4K firmware upgrade. Global camera: 50p and 60p. 1920-1080 @ 10bit 4:2:2. Internal digital stabilizer. ND filters. XLR audio inputs. Really impressive picture, like AX100 but with more professional features, eg., HD-SDI as well as HDMI out.

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      Agreed both are great cameras, but I already had a Beachtec XLR adapter for my DSLR work and don’t need live output so I saved the $1K.

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