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      Morning everyone…
      I just finished my third video and am getting ready to go live on our website.
      I was looking for for some feedback, good or bad, as we have another video
      That will have a similar build, and would like to continue to improve.
      Also, any idea on what this size/style video might be worth?
      If I was charging for the effort… What might that be worth?
      You can find the video here….
      Thanks in advance….
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      The video is a documentary style and well done. As far as charges. check you area

      find out what the rates are locally. One thing is if you work for the company you may have to cut your rates a bit especially since you must have shot this work over several days and while "on the clock"   It is appropriate for a company website. maybe some of the other readers will be able to give you more info.

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      Thanks for the input chuck.


      the reason I ask about worth…

      is we have another large project coming up soon, and will be looking at 

      a large vendor of the project to sponser the video, allowing them to share the rights to the video,

       so they can use it as well.


      I have no idea of the actual value, or what a production might sell for if we outsourced it…

      due to the size of this upcoming project I may need to hire some extra help for certain days…


      i new video will be about double the work of this example…

      I was thinking the future video cost would be around $15-20K?

      how far does that sound off?


      how much might I ask for sponsorship? Or full future rights?

      any insight would be helpful…

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      Any feed back would be helpful…

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