3D Stereoscopic Editing

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      I have several questions regarding stereoscopic shooting and video editing

      1. If I’m using footage from 2 cameras (shot using a 3D rig) should I have a 3D Compatible monitor to monitor the footage as I’m editing? what is the standard procedure in editing stereoscopic footage? (assuming that it is colorgraded and exported to DCP)

      2. Can I make adjustments like changing the depth or convergence if I’m using a software like Media Composer? Is it up to the editor to make adjustments or does another qualified person get involved in this process using third party tools?

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      I had the opportunity a couple of years ago to chat briefly with Thelma Schoonmaker. In our conversation she told me that when she edited and reviewed with Martin Scorsese his production of “Hugo,” much of their work was done in 2D, with reference to the 3D only after the edit was substantially completed.

      While Ms. Schoonmaker did not say this expressly, I was left with the impression that for her, editing was editing — i.e., the development of story through the juxtaposition of images — while working with 3D was merely icing on the cake.

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