3 x Camera Concert shoot, But what equipment?

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      Avatarmatt ej


      I'm an editor by trade but have been asked to put a setup together to film and stream live bands in medium to large venues, 2000 – 10000 people. I havent been given a budget yet, so i need to have a few options, but I must admit I don't have a clue which cameras, mixer or I/O for the computer to use. What setup do you guys use? I thought hopefully this will help me start to make some decisions so I can start test out equipment. I know this is a very broad question and I haven't given many specifics. 
      Thanks Mat
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      Until you get a budget, we're not really in a position to give sensible advice – we could go for a true teeny-weeny budget solution, with 3 random old camcorders, and ex-ebay mixer and some cheapo streaming software with skype like image quality – or we could spec some Sony 1500s, where the camera cables would cost more than the other system!


      We need at least a guide budget – and if it's too low, people will suggest renting in the kit, rather than waste your money. Seriously though, a portable production unit with all the kit, like cabling and comms is going to be expensive. I've had a couple over the years, and tried to shave a few pounds off with some second hand kit – but the tiny things soon mount up. So how many thousands are we talking? New or second hand, and worse still don't forget to factor in proper flight cases – the best investment you will ever make!

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      Avatarmatt ej

      Hi Paul


      Thanks for that, I'm not going to know the budget for a while yet. It depends on the sponsoring. I'll have a word and see if I can get a basic ball park


      Cheers Matt 

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      Make certain your producer is CLEAR on his/her expectations.  Do they want a Tricaster, to swap views, make titles, etc.?


      You are absolutely correct that you'll want to test out the equipment.  Perhaps you can tag along with another local production outfit?

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