24fps vs 30fps vs 60fps

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      I posted this under editing because I am curious to hear from people who edit different frame rates and their experience with these two issues:
      1. How much difference in file size is there between your 24, 30 and 60fps files?  Is 60fps simply twice the size of 30, whereas 24fps is slightly smaller than 30?
      2. Does a 60fps file slow down your computer more than a 30?  Is that noticeable to those who edit 60fps file regularly?
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      I don't notice much of a difference if its AVCHD 4:2:0. I just looked at two clips close in length. Clip 1- 32 sec. 60 fps = 108mb. Clip 2- 39 sec 30 fps = 103mb. This all shot out of a FS-100. I see wider variations in file size due to color information and when I record 4:2:2 the file size significantly jumps. I don't really see any performance issues on either computer I edit on between frame rates and I edit in Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects.

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      Woody I use the same software, good to hear.  Thanks for this info!

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