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      Hey all,

      It is 2016 (duh) and I havent done much editing the past year or so. Trying to get back in to it a little bit. I know not a lot of drastic changes have occurred since I left, but I do know today you can get a pretty beefy system with plenty of memory, SSD drives for boot/editing, and updated software to boot. In particular, I am looking to use Davinci Resolve 12 in place of Adobe as I cant afford the monthly costs and from what I have seen Davinci 12 is pretty robust for most things, and is free. They also have the Fusion product which I have yet to dive in to, but looks pretty capable as a stand in for After Effects if the need (and time to learn) arises. My system is an AMD 8-core cpu, 32GB RAM, 480GB M.2 SSD boot (main drive), repurposed (prior main boot) 256GB SSD for editing on, and a few TBs of 7200rpm drives. I also have a somewhat older AMD FirePro W5000 workstation card, which I am hoping Davinci can make use of! This all runs on Windows 10. I also have a 2nd Linux based machine, 8-core, 32GB system which I will explain below what I was hoping to see if is possible to use for.

      So, I find myself, again, trying to figure out how to do some basic workflow things. In particular, I have some footage for different projects in .mts format, as well as some avchd/mp4 stuff (which I know the .mts is also mp4). I would like to transcode them to DNxHD or ProRes for editing. So what I was hoping was possible today is some sort of Linux based transcoding daemon that “watches” a given target folder (or maybe several) for any files that could be dropped in. If/when that happens, it would hopefully automatically transcode those to preferably DNxHD or ProRes where I could then pick them up (or have them automatically placed) on a storage drive ready to be edited. So.. is there anything like that for linux today, that is updated and works with the various acquired formats from cameras, and can transcode to DNxHD or ProRes?

      Assuming there isnt something easily set up using my linux box, then I am fine with using my Windows box for transcoding. I dont do super large projects, so it is ok if I have to use some GUI app to select a folder of acquired footage, and then queue/batch the process to transcode. I was looking to use Handbrake for this, but it appears to not output to DNxHD or ProRes from what I can tell. I cant import the MTS into Davinci 12 either, and nor do I want to edit those anyway.. I want to transcode to an editing format.

      So, 2016, all the info above, what would be the best free and possibly paid for solution for what I am looking for. I see a ton of these one off converters, but.. I even paid for one from China a couple years ago and ended up reinstalling my system.. it was not pretty. So I want to avoid anything not well tested and safe… preferably something used in the industry for things like wedding videos, commercials, even movies.

      Thank you.. appreciate any info.

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