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      Hello fellow professionals! I've finally finished with my research for building a new pc for video editing and motion graphics. If you need to know the best bang-for-buck hardware out there in Q4 2013, do check out this article and leave feedback. Anyone has experience building a pc? I'd like to hear from you πŸ™‚ http://fadlywychowvski.blogspot.sg/2013/10/building-video-editing-pcknowing-your.html


      Let me know your insights

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      We bought a system last year from micro center. We priced everything on a piece by piece basis and it ended up being more expensive so we bought a pre configured system and added a few items. (PC, not Apple)  Micro center was running a special and the system we bought was reduced by around $400 so I believe that is why it was a better deal…I would check with them. Find the system you want and watch to see when they drop the prices. If this company is not in your area they offer online sales.

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      Not a bad article at all. Coming from a gaming pc building background, I really like the detail you went into with ram as well as all the little parts that alot of people overlook, such as the PSU's. However, with the AMD section I don't think it's as limited as you make it seem. I only know of it's lack of thunderbolt and SLI support (for the most part) but I could be wrong. Personally I see the AMD route as a good means to get great performance for the price, though for future upgrading I would push intel more if it weren't for the fact they seem to keep changing socket types every 11 months. Not saying I'm partial or anything to one side (I currently run an i5 3470 myself, soon upgrading to a 3770K) but I'm just coming from past experience and knowledge. Overall though it was definitely a good article

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      I quite like the DIY projects by the Videoguys: http://www.videoguys.com/Guide/C/DIY%2BSystems.aspx.


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