2 Cameras and Audio Syncing

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      Hi there. I will be shooting myself drumming I want to have one camera on my feet and one camera in front or above me. How do I get one part of the screen to show my feet with the main screen showing the front, and then how do I sync the audio to both? Thank you πŸ™‚

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      It depends on what you're shooting with and what editing software you're using. You may want to look at  PluralEyes.  Just do a google search.  Of course using a clapperboard is always a good option.


      Since you're using drums consider using the drum at a sync point. One drum hit recorded on both cameras then line upthe shots according to the drum hit, and they should stay in sync.


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      Let's assume both cameras are recording audio–at least reference audio.


      If you are doing a self-shoot, a clapperboard may be problematical. You can simply clap your hands after you roll, but before you begin playing, to capture the sound on both cameras. It should show up in the NLE as a sharp spike in the audio track of each clip. Visually align the spikes on the timeline, and you should be pretty well synced.


      I use PluralEyes a lot. If both tracks have audio (usually one camera has master audio, and the other has reference audio), PluralEyes 'listens' to both tracks and aligns the clips automatically. I get a perfect sync nearly every time, with very little fuss or bother. It works great when recording reference audio on a DSLR, and master audio on a digital sound recorder.

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