2 Camera Close Circuit System Set-up

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      I have a client who's asking me if I can do a 2 Camera Close Circuit System Set-up for their event.  I actually have no idea what a 2 Camera Close Circuit System Set-up is so I need some help figuring it out.

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      Mike WilhelmMike Wilhelm

      It sounds like your client might not either. Typically closed circuit video refers to security camera systems where multiple cameras send their footage to a single location without being broadcast to the world.


      Your client sounds like he or she is just looking for a two camera shoot.

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      That's pretty funny. Ask the client if they can move the event into a studio so you can do just that!


      But, on a more serious note, maybe they are worried about the sound from two cameras being of different quality. You can use different sound recorders set up in various locations or lav mics to help smooth out the sound quality in edit. Good luck!


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      Before 2000, I used to do all my work like this! I used a video mixer. Cameras don't have  s-video connectors now but s-video cable is what connected the cameras to the mixer. I could mix four cameras. I had operators on the cameras. I could see the feed from each camera and I would switch from camera. The output would be captured on a super vhs deck. 


      In town, today, there is one videographer that does this. He has a motorhome with an edit suite in it. All the cameras are connected buy ethernet cable to the mixing suite. He uses two or three cameras. He claims that he shortens his turn around time. I think it's a lot of gear and fuss. I record my material and I edit my multicam at home. 


      I think this kind of set up is valuable for live feeds like a hockey game going to broadcast or a church service going to the crying room or other break out rooms. I have no idea on current pricing on this type of equipment.



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