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      I need a 17 windows laptop which I would like to use for client presentations (wedding videography) and editing. I have a dedicated desktop for editing at home for most of the editing work. The laptop would be a temporary solution when away from home.

      Until recently, I had a 17 macbook pro but I would like to move away from mac.

      I wild like to have something presentable. I don’t really want to have a gaming laptop because it is just too futuristic looking. I liked the clean look of my old macbook pro.

      Do you have anything you can recommend?


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      I’m curious as to why you want to get rid of your Mac. All Mac users I know LOVE their machines and refuse to part with them.
      I’ve heard lots of good things about the HP line of laptops. They have a wide variety of offerings so be sure to check them out and find one that meets your requirements.
      Stick with an Intel Core i7 CPU and you should be ok.
      Remember, more (CPU power and money!) is usually better when it comes to computers.


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      I found that it is easier to work on PCs. that’s all. Mac has lots of advantages but I am not a mac geek and I just need results and great work.
      I will look at the HP line for sure! Thanks!

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