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      Recently I’ve found that when I transfer analog videos from 8mm tape using Sony DCR-TRV-340 and DCR-TRV-110E my DV stream seems to peter out after about 20 minutes, to the point where I can still control the cameras from within PPRO CS4, but my computer (Win 8.1 64-bit) will just show a frozen frame and the time code in the capture window will stop. And even when I try to restart it, it will allow me to start the camera, but it’ll show nothing on screen, even though I can see and hear the video from the camera’s LCD and internal speakers.

      I’ve tried the cameras with both just running them off battery and off the A/C adapter (with the battery removed). I’ve also connected the 340 to a JVC HM-DH30000 D-VHS via Firwire and played a Video 8 copy of the 1990 film Dick Tracy (it’s a store-bought copy, not one recorded off broadcast or copied from VHS/laserdisc); it played all the way through with no dropouts over FireWire.

      I have also replaced the 4-to-6 pin FireWire cable that I use (and I rarely pull out the 6 end, as it’s the 4 end that’s more accessible and most of my DV/Digital8 camcorders have 4-pin connectors, and I’ve check the back of my computer, the cables are as tight as possible), however both my ADVC-300 and -700, which use 6-to-6 pin FireWire cables have no issues and just recently I transferred some 6-hour VHS tapes for a client through the 300 and never got a dropped signal.

      I’m wondering if my FireWire card is failing and doesn’t like the 4-To-6 cables anymore? Has anyone experienced this before?

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      The difference between 4 and 6 pins is simple the powering voltage – 4 pin connection does not transfer power, so the problem does look like the camera – and probably is an indication that at some point sync was lost which triggers the stop in capture. So cleaning is always a good first step. However – my system here is now refusing to accept my JVC HD camera as a valid source, and premiere CC will not control it – it does not see the device connected and this is a driver issue, with windows 8 in this case – for some odd reason, the currently installed driver is coming up with an error, so I’m trying to find a different one – with no luck at the moment. I think a windows update started this off, so I need to find the old legacy driver and try that. In your case, it starts then fails – so that’s less like a driver issue. You really need another computer to try to prove this one.

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      When I run Digital8 tapes, it transfers fine, there’s no dropout with the D8 footage—-it’s when I transfer Video8 & Hi8.

      And I have cleaned the Camcorder.

      Plus it’s happening across multiple D8 camcorders. So unless they all developed an issue at once…

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      I just got around to replacing the Firewire card earlier this week, and it's working.  Looks like my old firewire card was failing.

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