1-2 Minute Video, 4-5 Hour Turnaround, Pricing?

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      Hi all,

      I work at a digital media and marketing studio and we’ve been discussing how to price a project. It’s a video project that will have a very fast turnaround. Some of the details:

      -1-2 minutes long
      -two versions, French and English
      -lower thirds motion graphics
      -we will need to be onsite for a 3-4 hour event to record footage, then have the video edited, graphics added, etc. and exported + delivered 4-5 hours after that

      There’s argument going on around how how much real work it will be, versus rush pricing (Seriously, a 4-5 hour turnaround time for a professionally produced video), versus how much a client might think is ‘reasonable’ for a 1-2 minute video.

      Does anyone here have any insight they could offer? Similar situations they may have been in? How would you price this project? The general consensus right now is to quote them 7.5k, but go as low as 5k.

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      Sounds like a typical day at the newsroom where I work. Not a big deal really. Obviously the cost depends on a lot of factors… travel costs, equipment rental, number of people on the crew, post production workflow etc. But a fee of between $5,000 and $7,500? You serious? Someone is actually considering paying that much money for a project that is only going to take one day to complete? Man, if they are willing to shell out that kind of money for one days work than go for it, but it sounds a little pricey to me.

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      Marcos Dean

      You haven’t told us enough. What is this 1-2 minute video supposed to look like? Do you need to bring in a full lighting kit or are you using available? Is it just a simple overview of the event with some random cuts between speakers? Or are you supposed to create a more cinematic narrative with VO? What is the complexity of the graphics? Is the French version to be subtitled? You have someone who can translate on staff or do you need to make transcripts and send them out? This is a pretty big project, unless you want it to look like the 11 o’clock news, which is always the lowest common denominator of video work.

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      Depends on the size of the crew, type of equipment etc. We once did an overnight edit for a big telecom company. Three Avids editing different sections at the same time. Multiple cameramen, coordinators, director… That was a chunky bill.

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