What to watch for at NAB 2024

NAB Show, hosted annually in Las Vegas, is one of the biggest events for groundbreaking developments in broadcasting and media. It showcases the industries most prominent trends and innovations, and NAB 2024 is set to be the biggest one to date.

As we approach NAB 2024, it’s worth taking a look at what this year’s event will bring and what to keep an eye out for.

Why attend NAB 2024?

See the industry’s newest technologies in person

The main attraction at NAB is the new technology and gear. Not only do you get to see gear up close, you can also try them out in person. NAB is also offers you the perfect opportunity to discover new, cutting-edge technology and learn what innovations industry professionals are most excited about. This can give you tons of insight into the future of video and broadcasting. You see what companies are currently investing their time and resources into. So, at NAB, you are essentially seeing the forefront of what’s in store for the industry, since many companies present their innovations at NAB Show before they’ve even been released into the market.

The show itself is made up of hundreds of exhibitors, and their booths are home to many new products and services that can benefit media professionals. It’s here where you can find upcoming cameras and lighting equipment, as well as software and cloud solutions.

It’s important for professionals to be constantly on the hunt for new tools that can enable them to improve their operations and quality of content. NAB offers professionals the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. From 8K video and AI technology to virtual/augmented reality, attending NAB Show means that you’ll be ahead of the curve and your competition.

Collaboration opportunities

Though most come to NAB for the gear, there’s more to NAB than getting to look at the shiny new gear. The personal and professional benefits of the NAB experience are immeasurable. It’s a chance to gain experience from the best in the field, forming connections while also honing your skills through hands-on training.

Professionals from all over the world attend NAB, so the chance to make new connections with professionals currently in the industry is high. This leads to content quality upgrades, better distribution and increased monetization opportunities.

Gain market insights and industry forecasts

While viewing new gear will give you some insight into where the industry is heading, NAB holds panels to give you even more insight. NAB has a conference section where thought leaders hold talks and panels discussing the industry’s future. Several important issues are always discussed, such as new changes in consumer behavior, technologies that change broadcasting and how to adapt to the shifting media space, among others. These insights will help you better understand future challenges and opportunities, which will allow you to plan and strategize accordingly.

In addition, the NAB Show is where broadcasters can compare their operations, technologies and business model with other players. This comparison can prove quite revealing for attendees, identifying both strengths and growth points in their own organizations. Understanding how other companies are responding to industry changes and embracing those techniques may give you a few new ideas on how to improve your own practices.

Ultimately, the NAB Show is an opportunity to be among the first to adapt. Given the speed of innovation in the industry, this position provides a valuable competitive advantage. By introducing new practices and technologies earlier than competitors, broadcasters can set new industry standards and establish themselves as leaders in the space.

What can you expect to see at NAB 2024

This year’s NAB will bring lots of new gear, along with new software and innovations in the video production space. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to see at this year’s NAB 2024. Note, these are just the gear and software we currently know will be at NAB 2024. Companies often reveal new gear and software at the show, so there’s a lot more to expect from NAB 2024 than listed here. Nevertheless, lets review what we know will be at the show this year.

Sony’s offerings

Creators’ Cloud software

The Creators’ Cloud serves as a complete production platform. It melds Sony’s cutting-edge camera technology with cloud-based AI, streamlining the workflow for professionals. The platform offers a unified system where cameras and production applications work together, simplifying file access, collaboration and global content sharing. It also features applications like Master Cut for AI-powered editing, Ci Media Cloud for collaborative projects and Imaging Edge Desktop to boost production quality.

You will get a chance to see the software in action at NAB 2024.

Cinema cameras

Image courtesy: Sony

Sony is also expected to showcase their newest cinema cameras, including the Sony BURANO 8K CineAlta camera, alongside other notable models like the VENICE 2 cinema camera. These cameras are celebrated for their superior resolution, dynamic range and color fidelity. They fit perfectly into high-quality cinematography and virtual production settings.

Virtual production suites

Given the growing market of virtual production, Sony aims to enhance the filmmaking experience with its latest Crystal LED display series, VERONA. At NAB, you can see VERONA merge physical sets with digital environments. If you would like to learn more about virtual production, you can read more about it here.

Networked Live

NAB attendees will also get a look at Networked Live suite. It’s a new comprehensive solution that looks to address the demands of more complex live production environments. From what we’ve seen, the solution simplifies live broadcasting by integrating networking technologies with Sony’s production equipment. The Networked Live suite also improves live production capabilities, including remote operation and centralized production, enabling collaboration across long distances.

NAB 2024 presenting a new generation of PTZ cameras

Major upgrades from BZBGEAR

At NAB 2024, BZBGEAR will bring new additions to their PTZ camera lineup: the BG-ADAMO-4K and the BG-ADAMO-JR. These cameras can shoot 4K resolution at 60 Hz capability through HDMI and 12G-SDI outputs for the BG-ADAMO-4K model, with the BG-ADAMO-JR supporting 1080p at 60 Hz.

The BG-ADAMO-4K offers 12x and 25x optical zoom, while the BG-ADAMO-JR provides 12x, 20x and 30x optical zoom. The cameras’ control arm has a tally light, making it visible from all angles around the cameras. Additionally, they feature a microSDXC card slot with up to a 1 TB capacity.

JVC unveiling their first ever 40x zoom PTZ

JVC KY-PZ540N PTZ Camera at NAB 2024
Image courtesy: JVC

JVC Professional Video will showcase the KY-PZ540 Series PTZ Cameras. Notably, they feature 40x zoom capability at full resolution, a first in JVC’s PTZ lineup. The KY-PZ540 PTZ cameras are capable of streaming in 4K UHD, 1080 HD and 720 HD resolutions, with a maximum frame rate of 60p. Furthermore, the KY-PZ540N variant comes equipped with NDI HX3 technology.

These new cameras, based on the success of the KY-PZ510, promote SMART auto-tracking with Intel AI support and five extra auto-tracking methods, along with improved exposure and color presets for image control.

More products to watch for at NAB 2024

Adobe’s Firefly AI with Substance 3D

Adobe has been consistently updating its Firefly AI software. One of its most recent updates added a new feature called Substance 3D. Though geared towards industrial designers and game developers, VFX artist can benefit as well. The tool makes 3D design simpler by allowing for the development of photo-real textures and dynamic scenes through simple text commands.

Also, new features such as “Text to Texture” in the Substance 3D Sampler and the “Generative Background” in Stager allow users to create high-quality visuals faster. This is likely to increase the rate at which professionals work and streamline design processes. With AI being such a big theme this past year, it’ll will be a great opportunity for more professionals to get their hands on Adobe’s Firefly and really test what it can do in front of developers.

SmallHD’s Ultra 7 Monitor

SmallHD will exhibit the stronger and brighter Ultra 7 monitor. This 7-inch 1920×1080 touchscreen can shine at 2300 cd/m². This makes the screen excellent for use in different environments. It includes 6G-SDI and HDMI, with a 5-pin USB and Ethernet control integrated within the PageOS 5 interface. It’s also quite sturdy. The Ultra 7 features a sturdy aluminum body, shock-absorbing bumpers and is IP53 rated against dust and water.

Additionally. what’s really exciting about the monitor is its color accuracy. It covers 95% of the DCI-P3 and 98% of the REC 709 color spaces. Although it is a 10-bit (8+2) screen, it uses dithering to achieve true 10-bit color quality. Additionally, it boasts customizable buttons, various ports and 2-pin LEMO connectors for power, along with optional Gold/V-mount micro battery plates.

New lenses & kits from ZEISS

ZEISS Nano Prime 6-Lens Set
Image courtesy: ZEISS

At NAB 2024, expect to see the new ZEISS Nano Primes T1.5 cine lens series. These lenses have focal lengths from 18 mm to 100 mm, each with a T1.5 aperture. They serve as a less expensive alternative to the Supreme Prime series. They come equipped with an electronic interface for real-time metadata transmission and feature a interchangeable mount system. Though currently only available with Sony’s E-mount, ZEISS plans to release additional mounts that can be removed and switched out with only four screws.

Additionally, Zeiss will introduce the CinCraft Scenario, a versatile camera tracking system suitable for a range of filming environments, including indoor, outdoor, green screen and LED settings. This system uses multiple marker types for accurate camera tracking and integrates lens information to eliminate the need for additional lens calibration.

Teradek TV

Teradek TV will also make an appearance at NAB 2024. Teradek TV is a new real-time viewing platform meant to simplify production and post-production workflows. Key features include the capability to manage multiple live camera feeds, 4K HDR for true color and clarity, fast access to recorded playback and integrated voice and text chat. Additionally, it streams exceptionally high-quality video with low latency.

Furthermore, Teradek TV enhances content security with personalized watermarking and permission-based access. This makes sure that only the appropriate viewers can access your content.


We’ll also see TVU’s RPS One on display. This broadcast solution integrates cloud-based and studio production with synchronized multi-camera cellular broadcasting. The TVU RPS One merges seamlessly with TVU’s cloud-based live video production system, facilitating a smooth transition from content capture to final production and distribution across multiple platforms. It looks to provide high-quality, professional cloud live coverage with precise frame synchronization for multi-camera setups and rapid content delivery. The TVU RPS One supports up to 12 data connections, including 4G/LTE/5G, Wi-Fi and satellite.


DoPchoice will be presenting the Snapbag AIRGLOW at NAB 2024, an inflatable lighting accessory tailored for 1×2 Panels like Vortex & Skypanels. The AIRGLOW is engineered to deliver soft, book-light-style lighting, with a 45° triangular bounce that notably reduces visible shadows. It includes interchangeable back walls for various lighting effects, using materials like Hard Silver or unbleached Muslin, and accommodates different diffusions to further soften the light.

The countdown to NAB begins

As the countdown to NAB begins, it’s clear this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas is set to be an exciting one. While we’re expecting to see lots of new exciting gear, like new cameras and lenses, we also expect to see new innovations in AI. So, as we gear up for NAB 2024, let’s remember that the show isn’t just about what’s new today — it’s about what’s next for our industry. It’s about staying ahead, getting inspired and turning ideas into reality.

If you would like to attend NAB, it will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada, from Saturday, April 13 to Wednesday, April 17. The Videomaker staff will be attending, so we might even see you there. However, if you can’t attend NAB, we will bring you coverage of all the action from the show floor. We will also be awarding the best gear and software with Videomaker’s Best at NAB awards. So, keep an eye out for our award announcement blogs during NAB week.

You can learn more about NAB 2024 at nabshow.com.

Kyle Alsberry
Kyle Alsberry
Kyle Alsberry is a multimedia producer and audiovisual technician at California State University, Chico and is Videomaker's associate editor.

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