NAB 2024: Expectations, hopes and predictions

Every year, the National Association of Broadcasters showcases an amazing display of new technology and teamwork at their NAB Show. This annual event brings companies from all over the world to Las Vegas to show off their latest gadgets and software. Let’s take a moment to remember the best parts of NAB 2023 and look at what we can expect at NAB 2024.

NAB 2023 highlights

New tech and live demos

NAB 2023 was all about cool new tech, with lots of focus on cloud production tools and AI gear. Some of the big hits were LiveU Studio, a cloud service for live shows from LiveU, and Atomos Cloud Studio from Atomos, which helps teams work together from afar. NetOn.Live and latakoo also showed off their tools for low-latency live broadcasts and simplified video file transfers. Sony’s Creators’ Cloud was a highlight, too, giving creators a bunch of tools for live and remote productions.

For cameras at the show, the Canon EOS R5 C got a major update that officially made it Netflix-approved. BZBGear introduced the BG-ADAMO-JR, a PTZ camera that can use AI to track subjects, while PTZOptics and Marshall showed off their own new PTZ offerings.

Just like every other year, there were lots of brands excited to show off their latest products. Godox gave a live demo of its MG1200Bi LED light, highlighting just how precisely you can control it. Sony brought out the RTK Real-Time Kinematic Kit, making drone flying more fine-tuned than ever. Fujifilm and showed how well their Camera to Cloud (C2C) service works, making workflows smoother for creators. Sennheiser introduced its fifth-gen wireless mic system, and DJI revealed the Inspire 3 drone, boasting top-notch camera technology.

For a deeper look into these cool tech releases, check out Videomaker’s roundup of NAB 2023 gear.

Videomaker’s winners of NAB 2023

Now, let’s reminisce about the products we recognized as the best from NAB 2023.

  • Best Microphone: Blink 500 ProX B2
  • Best Computer: Dell Precision 3260 Compact
  • Best Gimbal: Zhiyun-Tech Weebill 3
  • Best Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC — Text-Based Editing
  • Best Plug-in: Digital Anarchy – Data Storyteller
  • Best Accessory: Kondor Blue Pro-Blad SSD Handle
  • Best Light: Zhiyun-Tech Molus G60
  • Best Storage: Synology DS1823xs+
  • Best Support: Easyrig — Stabil G3
  • Best Streaming Solution: Roland VR-6HD
  • Best PTZ Camera: PTZOptics Move SE

The future of broadcasting: A sneak peek into NAB 2024

NAB 2024 is poised to put a spotlight on the big leaps in AI and machine learning within video production. Since the last NAB Show, we’ve already seen massive progress in AI-driven editing and smart asset management. It looks like AI will continue to change how we do post-production and make broadcasting workflows more efficient, and NAB 2024 is set to demonstrate that.

Virtual production is also expected to be a major focus this year. Thanks to tech advancements, it’s becoming easier for all kinds of creators to use. NAB 2024 will probably show off the latest in LED screens, better real-time graphics and advanced motion capture solutions. Plus, the push for even better picture quality, like 8K, shows the industry’s ongoing commitment to innovation in virtual production.

New products and innovations

There’s a lot of buzz about new products that might set new standards in the industry. At NAB 2024, we’re looking forward to seeing some cool stuff from FOR-A Corporation of America, especially their work on software-defined IP solutions. We’re also excited about new partnership integrations, smart language detection tech and the introduction of QoE (Quality of Experience) measurements by TAG.

We’ve only had a sneak peek so far, but NAB 2024 will undoubtly be packed with new products from top companies in the industry. For example, Pliant is bringing out a new universal in-ear headset that comes with a tiny electret microphone and windscreen on a flexible boom. Camera giants like JVC and Hitachi will be there too, showing what their latest gear can do. Hitachi is going to show off their DK-H700 4K box camera, while JVC plans to unveil a new PTZ firmware update that includes better auto tracking and more preset choices.

Workshops and learning opportunities

NAB 2024 is going to be an exciting place for both tech-savvy and gear-focused folks. You’ll get to dive into everything from the secrets of visual storytelling to the latest camera tech, and even the impact of AI on making content. Here’s what they’re offering:

  • AI workshops: These sessions dive into the world of AI in broadcasting and visual effects. Industry pros will guide you through the newest AI tools, techniques and how they’re used in the real world.
  • Cinecentral workshops: Attendees get hands-on with advanced drone tech and large-scale filming gear in real-life settings. These workshops give filmmakers a chance to learn from the pros and gain experience with everything from cranes to remote control cameras.
  • Cinematography/ACE workshops: Workshop participants will get firsthand insights from top cinematographers and editors as they share their creative processes and detailed planning methods.
  • Field workshops: These hands-on sessions cover a wide range of production topics and take participants out into the field for real-life learning experiences. Guided by seasoned professionals, attendees will face practical scenarios that teach invaluable skills for their own work.
  • SBE Ennes workshops: These workshops delve into various aspects of the broadcasting and media tech world, with different speakers offering insights into the industry’s changing landscape.

Hopes for NAB 2024

Even with all the excitement of new products and learning sessions, we’re all looking for ways to solve the real problems we face in video production today. 

We’re hopeful that we’ll keep seeing tech advances that make our work easier, especially with AI getting smarter every day. It’s going to be fascinating to watch how AI is used more in production, helping us focus more on the creative side of things. We’re particularly eager to see how AI in video editing develops. Services like Descript and Opus Clip are a good start, but we’ve got a bit further to go before these tools can fully meet professional needs.

Even though many people are back in the office, working remotely or in a hybrid way is definitely here to stay. The pandemic led to more remote workers and teams, and as a result, there’s been a rapid release of new cloud-based tools and software to meet this need. It’ll be exciting to see how production can continue to evolve and allow more teams to work effectively from anywhere in the world.

Countdown to NAB 2024

That’s the scoop on everything, from the top picks of last year to what we’re expecting at NAB 2024. As we wrap up our look back at NAB 2023 and peer into the future towards NAB 2024, it’s clear the broadcast and video production world is evolving at a rapid pace — almost entirely due to AI innovation. With the promise of AI-driven tools becoming more refined and virtual production becoming more accessible, we’re entering a brand-new era of video production.

NAB 2024 is schedule to run from April 13rd to April 17th in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you bump into the Videomaker team while you’re at NAB 2024, don’t forget to say hi. But if you can’t make it to the event, no problem at all. We’ve got you covered with all the latest and greatest updates on Stay tuned for our coverage of NAB 2024, as well as our picks for this year’s best products at the show.

Kyle Alsberry
Kyle Alsberry
Kyle Alsberry is a multimedia producer and audiovisual technician at California State University, Chico and is Videomaker's associate editor.

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