Facebook Takes Shots at Twitch with Launch of One-stop Video Game Hub

Facebook is clearly hoping to attract the young crowd of live stream game watchers on Twitch with the release of its new video game hub, Fb.gg.

Facebook launched Fb.gg today, which is a place where viewers can access an organized library of video games streaming on Facebook. The Fb.gg hub will show users videos based on which live streaming stars they’re following, as well as their Liked Pages and Groups. The hub will also show featured creators, esports competitions and gaming conference events.

All of this is designed to make it easier for users to find and watch gaming content without having to search through their News Feeds. It’s an organized place for all things gaming on Facebook. It’s also a plus for those on Facebook who don’t care for gaming; their News Feeds won’t be congested with gaming streams.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook will use its ability to personally recommend certain videos based on Facebook users’ activity, which is much more expansive than YouTube and Twitch’s recommendations since they only focus on video activity. It could end up giving Facebook a leg up over its competition.

Facebook’s also rolling out its monetization option to a larger audience

Facebook’s also opening its monetization option to a larger body of gaming broadcasters. It’s Level Up program will allow those with access to the program the ability to take virtual currency in the form of tips given by their stream viewers.

Currently, Facebook’s virtual currency is called Facebook Stars. Here’s how it works: For each Star that a streamer gets, that stream will receive $0.01 from Facebook. Facebook does take a cut of the Stars that are tipped to creators, potentially taking a percentage somewhere between 1 percent and 49 percent.

It’s not yet clear how the new hub will impact video streaming growth on Facebook, but it’s certainly something to keep an eye on.

Sean Berry
Sean Berry
Sean Berry is Videomaker's managing editor.

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