Videomaker Live Webcasts

Videomaker webcasts feature live video production training with the Videomaker hosts.

DSLR Video Production

The wonder of DSLRs is that you can capture film-like video at a fraction of the cost of more expensive film cameras. However, it can be a bit more tricky to take control of these cameras. We’ll show you how to get a firm grasp on DSLR shooting.

  • Overview
  • Why use a DSLR
  • Capturing the best video
  • Selecting Lenses
  • Monitoring Video
  • Audio Recording
  • Building a DSLR kit
  • Q&A

Titles & Graphics for Video

Great titles and graphics can add a professional element to your video production. However, if not done properly they can be the tell-tale sign of an amateur. In our webcast, we will cover purpose, design and placement, as well as mistakes to avoid. You will learn how to create great-looking titles and graphics that are clean and professional.

  • Overview
  • Design Tips
  • Common Elements
  • Positioning the Titles on the Screen
  • Editing Software
  • Dedicated Titlers
  • Retro-creative Solutions
  • Motion Graphics
  • Building a Graphic Step-by-Step
  • Compositing
  • Alpha Channels
  • Motion Tracking
  • Q&A

Green Screen

Using green screens and special effects can allow you to create realistic scenes that would otherwise be impossible. Contrary to popular belief, most special effects are affordable and easy to duplicate.

  • Overview
  • Green Screen Types and Setup
  • Camera Placement for Green Screens
  • Green Screen Lighting
  • Green Screen Post Production
  • Pulling the matte, removing spill, compositing
  • Clone Effect
  • Flying Effect
  • Q&A

Audio for Video

Capturing great audio is just as important as shooting great video for any project. The Audio for Video online workshop shows you exactly how to do that. This webcast covers topics such as impedance, frequency response, golden rules of audio, location scouting, and more.

  • Overview
  • Audio Technology
  • Balanced vs. Unbalanced Lines
  • Connectors
  • Microphone Types and Uses
  • Pickup Patterns
  • Capturing Quality Audio
  • Field Mixers
  • Q&A

Camera Movement & Composition

Learning how to shoot with more confidence and style can help take your projects to the next level. Camera Movement & Composition explores different ways to improve your skills using a variety of methods. This webcast covers topics such as storyboards, white balance, lenses, stabilizing tools and more.

  • Overview
  • Organization
  • Camera Features
  • Composition
  • Dramatic Angles and Framing
  • Shooting Techniques

Intermediate Editing

One of the best parts of editing video is getting to see the pieces of your story come together in a way that enhances the moment you're trying to capture. Intermediate Editing covers topics that help you do exactly that. This overview introduces advanced techniques such as time remapping, compositing, multi-camera editing and more.

  • Overview
  • Stylizing Techniques
  • Polishing the Edit
  • Using Video Filters and Color Effects
  • Compositing
  • Multi-Camera Editing
  • Editing Dialogue
  • Creating and Using Keyframes

Post Production Workflow

Anyone who's ever spent any time in editing software knows that organization is key. But there's more to post-production workflow than a well organized file structure. In this webcast we cover all the necessary steps of the post-production workflow to keep you from having to backtrack or re-do your work.

  • Overview
  • Ingesting and Backing-up Files
  • Organizing the Project
  • Working with Proxy Files
  • Collaborating from Multiple Workstations
  • Round-tripping for Color Correction
  • Rendering and Exporting Files