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Kuleshov Effect – A video editor’s most powerful tool

The Kuleshov Effect is the single most important concept to editing, if not to filmmaking itself. It’s a cornerstone of visual storytelling.
photo of interior of computer

Your Step-by-Step Guide to Assembling a Video Editing Computer from Scratch

A successful DIY computer build requires only patience and attention to detail. It can be nerve-wracking to handle these delicate, expensive components, but once you know the process, it’s not too difficult.
DIY Computer Diagnosis: Solve your PC problems like a pro

DIY Computer Diagnosis: Solve your PC Problems Like a Pro

Before you rush off to an expert that will charge you an arm and a leg to solve your computer issues, here are a...
Creating Graphics Packages

How to Design a Coherent Graphics Package

We were actually in the process of creating such a package for a new pilot for a series called “The Theory Of…” when this...
Rec709 Workflow Advantages

A Guide to Working with LUTs

You’ve probably heard the acronym LUT, or Look Up Table, used ambiguously. Here’s what you should know when adding LUTs to your workflow.
List of Common Codecs

How to Choose the Right Codec and Container for Your Video...

Many work hours can be lost to footage in formats that render slowly or need to be transcoded but fear not! Once you unlock...
The Basics of Titles and Graphics

The Basics of Titles and Graphics

Ever since the beginning of cinema titles, written words often printed on cards and then filmed, have been used to explain and caption motion...
Good editing is focused on relationships, relationships that exist between the various clips that make up an edit and the relationships that exists between the different subjects in the content of the narrative. By finding similar qualities in different shots, an editor can identify potential pairings for a match cut.

The Perfect Match: How to Effectively Use the Match Cut

Cuts are the simplest, most diverse, and powerful tools in the editor’s arsenal. Cuts are the basic building blocks of editing. It’s foundational, and...
Man working at computer and taking notes

How to effectively maintain continuity throughout your edit

From the earliest days of film, editors have faced the challenge of telling a story through the assemblage of various clips. Because one shot...
How to Monitor Video While Editing

How to Monitor Video While Editing

It’s easy to scrutinize the quality of a video clip, but the eyeball test is deceptive and will fail even the most seasoned editor....

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Using whiteboard animation software

Have you ever wondered how to make an interesting and compelling explainer video on a topic you're passionate about? Look no further! Whiteboard animation has dramatically increased in popularity following the explosion of shareable video platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.
How to use the trim tool in DaVinci Resolve

How to use the trim tool in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

You can do a lot with DaVinci Resolve's trim tool. Here is how you can use all its tools to speed up your video editing workflow.
Adobe Premiere Rush

How to get the most out of Adobe Premiere Rush

While there's no right way to use Adobe Premiere Rush, there certaintly are better ways. Let's go over how you can get the most out of Adobe Rush!

Editing in 6K: Minimum system requirements

These days, most modern computers can handle some level of video editing. Most even come with basic video editing software pre-installed. However, if you have a project that requires better performance and the power to process lots of information quickly, then you...
Color correction vs. color grading

Color correction vs. color grading: Know the difference

Color correction and color grading are terms that are often used interchangeably, even though these two processes have different purposes.
Fade film transition

Fade transitions in video: when should they be used?

Fade video transitions, when used correctly, can tell audience priceless information that will make the view experience much more enjoyable.
We will tell you how to send large documents online

How to send large files online without wasting time

In this article, we'll discuss how to send large files online fast. Don't waste time waiting for files to load when you can speed up the process.

Video formats explained

There are lots of video formats out there. How can you tell what is the best for your project? This quick tutorial will help you decide.
After Effects alternatives cover image

After Effects alternatives and what they have to offer

Adobe rules much of the video editing and effect market. After Effects is at the peak of the industry, but are there any alternatives?
Hands on keyboard and notepad

The video editor: who they are and what they do

Like a good video, a video editor is greater than the sum of their parts. There's a range of skills, technical and aesthetic, that a video editor needs.
Tips for renting a camera

Everything you need to know before you rent a camera

Renting a camera can be a great way to save on money and storage. We have a few tips that will help you have the best renting experience.

Edit faster in Premiere Pro with these 10 tips

Parker Walbeck and Landon Bytheway have 10 super critical tips that will help you edit faster in Premiere Pro.

Manipulating time with video

Telling stories with video is all about playing with time — compressing it, stretching it and re-ordering it.

File format and transcoding headaches

We talk all about video file formats. What are they? What aspects about them do you need to know about, and what do you do with them all?