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How to Use Log Video to Gain More Control Over Your...

Logarithmic (Log) footage has its roots in the world of film. Eastman Kodak developed the Cineon System, a digital film system that involved scanning...
How to Monitor Video While Editing

How to Monitor Video While Editing

It’s easy to scrutinize the quality of a video clip, but the eyeball test is deceptive and will fail even the most seasoned editor....
Good editing is focused on relationships, relationships that exist between the various clips that make up an edit and the relationships that exists between the different subjects in the content of the narrative. By finding similar qualities in different shots, an editor can identify potential pairings for a match cut.

The Perfect Match: How to Effectively Use the Match Cut

Cuts are the simplest, most diverse, and powerful tools in the editor’s arsenal. Cuts are the basic building blocks of editing. It’s foundational, and...
DIY Computer Diagnosis: Solve your PC problems like a pro

DIY Computer Diagnosis: Solve your PC Problems Like a Pro

Before you rush off to an expert that will charge you an arm and a leg to solve your computer issues, here are a...
10 Shortcuts to Take With DaVinci Resolve 14

10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your DaVinci Resolve 14 Workflow

Video editing suites are ripe with controls. The number of tools at your disposal is astounding. What’s even more astounding is the fact that...

How to choose the right computer for video editing: 4 key...

Buying the best workstation for your needs means understanding how the CPU, GPU, RAM and storage options work together to enhance overall performance.
Man video editing on a computer

Here’s What You Need to Know to Become a Video Editing...

Video editing is an invisible art and often goes unnoticed. It’s a tough art to learn and even harder to do. This article aims to make it a little easier.
laptop with a RAID sitting next to it

How to Configure a RAID for Video Storage

Configuring a RAID system may not be the sexiest thing you read about today, but if you want to level up your editing game, read on.
Timeline showing cuts.

The Art of Deciding When to Cut (and when not to)

The cut, the straight transition in which one clip starts and is immediately followed by the start of the next clip, is the staple...
CUDA vs. OpenCL vs. OpenGL

CUDA vs. OpenCL vs. OpenGL

What is CUDA? What about OpenCL and OpenGL? And why should we care? The answers to these questions are difficult to pin down —...

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13 tips to speed up your Premiere Pro workflow

The cornerstone of every great editor is their ability to exceed the expectations of those in their world. Content needs to educate, illuminate or entertain, clients and bosses need to be kept happy, and work needs to come in and be delivered at a...

Editing in 8K: minimum system requirements

8K video is here today. With cameras from RED, Canon, Ikegami, Sony and others, and 8K TVs available now, it makes sense that many video content producers and filmmakers are taking a serious look at filming, editing and finishing in 8K. But the important...

The art and science of algorithmic editing

Throughout the years, filmmakers have experimented with a myriad of artistic ideas and methodologies. Making and breaking rules creates new pathways through the medium, changing and refining how films are put together. As has the advent of new technology. In early days, filmmakers interested in the...

Sergei Eisenstein: the man, the method, the montage

When looking at some of the most notable figures in the history of editing, such as Sergei Eisenstein, it is important to understand that the theoretical approaches to editing are just as important as the practical. When looking at the theoretical approach to editing,...

Adobe After Effects vs Premiere: a side by side comparison

Adobe After Effects vs Premiere. The question is, what is the difference between the two? Should you use them separately, or together?

What is a DIT and what do they do?

Ever heard of a DIT? DIT stands for Digital Imaging Technician. With the advancement of digital cameras, this position was created to assist camera crews and directors to get the most out of their equipment. On set, they are referred to as the DIT....

How to use Adobe Color to perfect your design

Adobe Color is one of the most powerful tools for designers, visual artists, photographers, and visual effects artists. Here’s how to use it.

Fixing the jump cut – a guide to common editing problems

The most common errors are often recognizable to experienced or professional videographers. The novice or hobbyist, however, might see an issue but may not readily know what the problem is or how to correct it.

How and why transcoding helps the editing process

“Let’s shoot HD. No, let’s shoot 4K. No, let’s shoot 8K! Cool. Sounds like a plan!” Everybody is now super excited, except you, the...

Using whiteboard animation software

Have you ever wondered how to make an interesting and compelling explainer video on a topic you're passionate about? Look no further! Whiteboard animation has dramatically increased in popularity following the explosion of shareable video platforms like Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram.
How to use the trim tool in DaVinci Resolve

How to use the trim tool in Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

You can do a lot with DaVinci Resolve's trim tool. Here is how you can use all its tools to speed up your video editing workflow.
Final Cut Pro for Windows: is it possible?

Final Cut Pro for Windows: can you run FCP on Windows?

Is it possible to run Final Cut Pro on Windows? In this article, we will let you know if there's such a thing as Final Cut Pro for Windows or not.
Adobe Premiere Rush

How to get the most out of Adobe Premiere Rush

While there's no right way to use Adobe Premiere Rush, there certaintly are better ways. Let's go over how you can get the most out of Adobe Rush!

Editing in 6K: Minimum system requirements

These days, most modern computers can handle some level of video editing. Most even come with basic video editing software pre-installed. However, if you...