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How to choose the right computer for video editing: 4 key...

Buying the best workstation for your needs means understanding how the CPU, GPU, RAM and storage options work together to enhance overall performance.
Man working at computer and taking notes

How to effectively maintain continuity throughout your edit

From the earliest days of film, editors have faced the challenge of telling a story through the assemblage of various clips. Because one shot...
Timeline showing cuts.

The Art of Deciding When to Cut (and when not to)

The cut, the straight transition in which one clip starts and is immediately followed by the start of the next clip, is the staple...
Creating Graphics Packages

How to Design a Coherent Graphics Package

We were actually in the process of creating such a package for a new pilot for a series called “The Theory Of…” when this...
Random Access Memory, or RAM, is the primary memory used by your computer and is responsible for loading the operating system and running programs.

How much RAM do you need for video editing?

Let's dive in to better understand the importance of RAM and why having more is not necessarily an immediate need for most. RAM vs VRAM Random...
Good editing is focused on relationships, relationships that exist between the various clips that make up an edit and the relationships that exists between the different subjects in the content of the narrative. By finding similar qualities in different shots, an editor can identify potential pairings for a match cut.

The Perfect Match: How to Effectively Use the Match Cut

Cuts are the simplest, most diverse, and powerful tools in the editor’s arsenal. Cuts are the basic building blocks of editing. It’s foundational, and...
How to Monitor Video While Editing

How to Monitor Video While Editing

It’s easy to scrutinize the quality of a video clip, but the eyeball test is deceptive and will fail even the most seasoned editor....
The Basics of Titles and Graphics

The Basics of Titles and Graphics

Ever since the beginning of cinema titles, written words often printed on cards and then filmed, have been used to explain and caption motion...
10 Shortcuts to Take With DaVinci Resolve 14

10 Keyboard Shortcuts to Speed Up Your DaVinci Resolve 14 Workflow

Video editing suites are ripe with controls. The number of tools at your disposal is astounding. What’s even more astounding is the fact that...
What is Log Video and How do you use it?

How to Use Log Video to Gain More Control Over Your...

Logarithmic (Log) footage has its roots in the world of film. Eastman Kodak developed the Cineon System, a digital film system that involved scanning...

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Waveforms and vectorscopes explained

Waveforms and vectorscopes are objective. These tools can feel like an odd way to view an image, but they accurately display color and luminance values.
A couple easy ways to make After Effects masks

Here’s a few easy ways to make After Effects masks

One way to really spice up your video is to create animations using masks in After Effects. In this article, we will cover a couple easy ways to make After Effects masks.
How to rotate a video

How to rotate a video on your phone, PC or Mac

If you need help with flipping a video, we'll show you how to rotate a video. We will show you how to rotate videos on Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.
Desktop computer with editing interface.

How to edit video: A beginner’s guide

To someone who has never worked with video, the editing process can seem mysterious and overwhelming. The truth is, anyone can learn to edit video. And you only need to understand a few basic techniques and principles to get started.

What are proxies and why do we need them?

Video technology is advancing all the time. How can you keep up and efficiently deliver a quality edit on time? Simple, with proxies.
Field monitor and tv screen with color bars

Using Color Bars to Calibrate a Monitor

What are color bars used for? Isn't it a throwback to earlier times? Color bars are actually used for calibrating monitors so you can get your setting right.
The Keys To Chromakey: How To Use A Green Screen

The Keys To Chromakey: How To Use A Green Screen

The Keys To ChromakeyGreen screens and blue screens were the keys to chromakey in the 1970s. The use...
Video Formats Explained

Video formats explained

There are lots of video formats out there. How can you tell what is the best for your project? This quick tutorial will help you decide.

What is a CODEC?

There are lots of codecs out there. This article defines the term explains the most common file types.
Colorful image of chalk and color bars.

What is color theory? A simple explanation

Color theory can set the tone and mood for the viewer using color manipulation in pre-production, shooting and post. But what exactly is color theory?

Video editing software: How to find your best solution

Just as a craftsperson chooses their tools to fit their needs, you'll need to choose the right video editing software for the task at hand.
Setting Up Lights For A Green Screen Shotvideo

How does green screen really work?

The secret to pulling your subjects out of the real world and placing them into a digital domain is chromakey, and that means going green with green screen.
Here's a few tips to help you edit dialogue

Important tips to help you edit dialogue correctly

dialogue is always a tricky. As editors, it is your job to know what to cut out when constructing the film. We have a few tips to help you edit dialogue.
We'll tell you what you need to know to get started with motion graphics

This is what you need to know about motion graphics

Motion graphics are used to communicate concepts in the world of video editing. In this article, we’ll tell you what you need to know about motion graphics.