Multi-camera Shooting for Event Videography

Videographers are not just storytellers, they’re also the keepers of our memories – which is an amazing responsibility. While a director producing a fictional piece can reshoot a scene again and again until it’s captured perfectly, real life doesn’t afford us the ability to go back and do it again. The garter toss that’s missed once, is missed forever.
For this reason, many videographers capture important events with multiple cameras – this not only ensures that if one camera misses some critical action, it will be caught by another, but it also makes for much more enjoyable viewing. After all, you wouldn’t watch a sitcom that had only one camera angle set to a wide shot of the entire set, so why should you watch a video of a school play that way?
In this free eBook, we’ll cover:

  • Why multi-camera shoots?
  • Camera placement in multi-camera shooting
  • Using rehearsals for perfect placement
  • Going to multiple performances
  • The Blair Witch effect
  • Using three cameras when you’re alone
  • And more

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