Multi-Camera Shooting for Event Videography

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You'll learn:

- Why Multi-camera Shoots
- Camera Placement in Multi-cam Shooting
- Using Rehearsals for Perfect Placement
- Going to Multiple Performances
- The Blair Witch Effect
- Using Three Cameras When You're Alone
- And more!

I’ve functioned alone as a photographer and videographer throughout my career. But, sometimes, a multi-camera shoot is required or demanded and you don’t want to lose the business, so what do you do? This eBook presents some tactics I’ve used when I either have only one camera available, or I have multiple cameras, but I’m the only person qualified to use them.

Usually a multi-camera shoot is needed for a stage production, a play or concert. The performers want a series of shots from different angles to edit together for a performance video for their website or to show to promoters, managers, agents etc.

You'll learn the basics of an effective multi-camera setup and everything you need to know before your next event.