8 Tips For Making a Stellar First Video

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You'll learn:

- How to Plan it Out
- How to Write a Script
- The Importance of Keeping your Composition in Mind
- Video Time Travel
- Foundations of Controlling Space
- How to Keep your Camera Steady
- What You Need to Stay in Focus
- How to Be on Guard for Common Mistakes
- And more!

Shooting video can be a lot of fun, especially when you get to show your finished movie to friends and family and find that you’ve created something that they can genuinely enjoy. Download "8 Tips For Making a Stellar First Video" now to learn how you can make stellar videos the first time you pick up a camera.

Video can seem overwhelming to someone without any experience in the field, but the truth is, creating quality, professional-level video productions are a piece of cake if you can follow eight simple little rules.

These eight steps will take you from inspiration to “it’s a wrap” without interrupting your creative flow. You might in fact find yourself better able to take advantage of a “serendipitous or inspired moment” with a solid outline that guides you through your production day or days.