Free sound effects – free WAV files plus links to the best sites

Free sites and sound libraries

Airborne Sound

A Toronto based website offering a range of free and paid sound effects made by a collective of professional field recordists from the area.

The free downloads focus around crowd, ambient, and construction sound across several packs in the 1.5GB range.

Downloads are available in 44.Khz 16bit and 96KHz 24bit files.

Paid and free content requires no attribution for the duration of the license, you can view the full license here.

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Free SFX

Featuring what can only be described as a ton of royalty-free sound and music files. Available for both personal and commercial projects. There are lots of categories to choose from, each with about or dozen or more sounds.

Files are available as 320 Kbps Mp3’s.

Attribution license requires a reference to the company.

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Freesound has been offering a wealth of good quality files for well over a decade now.

All the content is uploaded by the community, so you get quite a bit of everything. A good site to find sounds for blending and mixing.

Files come in a range of lossless WAV/AIFF and lossy Mp3/AAC files.

Three licenses are on offer that each vary on the creative commons, for more information click here.

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The free sounds section claims over 44,842 sounds. That’s a lot! They pretty much have every major sound category you can think of.

Free sounds are available in Mp3 only and use their standard licensing model that requires attribution to their site. A paid tier is also available that offers WAVE files and no visible attribution.

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Royalty-free sound effect files

1 Shots

Rewind Swipe – Link

Rapid Fire Sputter Shots – Link

Razor Buzz By – Link

Fly By Sizzle – Link

Alarms & Bells

Door Bell – Link

School Bell – Link

Meltdown Alarm – Link

Telephone Ring – Link


Tiger – Link


Ferrari Testarossa – Link

Police Car Chase – Link


Castle Drawbridge – Link

Jail Door – Link


Howitzer Cannon – Link

Sharp Explosion – Link

Robot Quack Quack Boom – Link


Arctic Wind Drone – Link

Thunder – Link

Pipe Howl Rumble – Link

Loon Calls – Link

Forest Daytime – Link


Female Footsteps – Link


Glass Smash – Link

Low Crashy Metal Hit – Link

Roof Crash – Link


Electrical Spark – Link

Squeeze Toy – Link

Music & Rhythm

Horror Rhythm Pattern – Link

Swelling Evil Sweep – Link

Subliminal Record Scratch – Link

Timpani – Link

Panned Stab Flourish – Link


Basketball Practice – Link


Booing Crowd – Link

Cartoon Head Shake – Link

Banshee – Link

Comedy Burp – Link