Don’t Let a Slow Processor Keep You from Creating

Torin Simpson, founder and owner of Beard God Media House, is always striving to create the best story possible for his sport-centered mini docs. Regardless of the stress this brings him along the way, it always ends up being an incredibly rewarding experience — Simpson has the right equipment, talent and passion for the work he does.

Working as a One-man Band

Besides the companionship of his impressive beard, Simpson works primarily alone. He is what you would call a true one-man band. He does everything on his own and, as any professional with deadlines knows, that can be a very stressful situation to work in.

“There is an endless amount of stories to be told,” Simpson says. “You have to figure out what the story is. How to get all the elements you need to tell that story and then once you have those elements you have to figure out how to put them together,” Simpson says. “To tell the best possible story — and every single time — is incredibly stressful and trying.”

But when it comes down to it, Simpson is a storyteller and while working on his own may not be the most ideal situation, he gets great satisfaction when he finally finishes a project. “… when it’s all done, it always ends up being an incredibly rewarding experience.”

Simpson maximizes his power to meet all his deadlines

Simpson likes to craft the best narrative he can, but he also has to be practical: “I’m a storyteller, but I still have to meet deadlines,” Simpson says, “and with the Intel Core i9 X-series processor, I’m hitting those deadlines every time.”

He likes to shoot 4K ProRes and easily shoots up to a terabyte a day, so he needs capable hardware when he gets to editing. When using older systems and processors to work with 4K video files, render and export times could literally take hours — hours he could have spent creating. He now opts for an Intel high-end desktop processor and saves loads of time.

“I’m a creative person. I’d rather spend my time doing the creative things like shooting and writing, producing and editing. And that’s why I need the most powerful processor I can get, with the most RAM I can give my software,” Simpson says, “With the Intel Core i9 X-series processor, render times are faster.”

Simpson is making more money with the i9 processor because it’s simply able to handle all the taxing tasks his work demands. “I’m not twiddling my thumbs. I’m not waiting as long. I’m getting more work done and that’s more money in my pocket.”

Where does Simpson store the terabytes of video he shoots?

I don’t think anyone wants to wait around for terabytes of data to transfer on a slow system. Simpson is able to avoid any downtime because he can take advantage of Intel’s Optane(™) Memory. “With Intel Optane Memory, I know I have incredibly responsive primary storage,” Simpson says.

There are times though when Simpson needs to store his data externally. In these situations, he opts for Thunderbolt 3 over USB 3.0. “… I use Thunderbolt 3. It’s just so much faster than USB 3.0,” Simpson explains.

Hardware that lets you get to work

Simpson is a storyteller, but beyond that, he’s a storyteller working to meet deadlines. He has to be smart with his time. Having a powerful processor, along with access to Optane Memory and Thunderbolt 3, allows him to do that. There’s no thumb twiddling for Simpson. He has the time to create the best story possible because his software’s performance isn’t holding him back.

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