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Instagram presents a unique opportunity with its delivery of three different aspect ratios.

How to Export Video for Instagram

Instagram is a prolific platform for sharing video, but the nuts and bolts of Instagram video are something of a mystery. The platform makes the...
How to Use Someone's Likeness Safely in Your Social Media Video

How to Safely Use Someone’s Likeness in Your Social Media Video

It’s safe to say that almost everyone is on social media. We post videos of ourselves and our friends often without thinking about it. But what happens when that video goes viral and suddenly becomes a source of revenue? How can we avoid the legal complications that might accompany such success?
How to Make Your Live-Streams Better

How to Conduct an Amazing Livestream

One of the key factors to think about when you start planning your live-streaming is what content you want to put out. Not everything...
Freebooting: What to do if Someone Steals your Video

Freebooting: What to do if Someone Steals your Video

You spend many weeks creating a world-class video — writing a script, amassing props, finding a location, enticing and perhaps paying a troupe of...
It’s a tricky game, but selling your videos online can help you reach a larger audience and greater success.

Distribution in the Post-DVD Era

DVDs are still wonderful to many of us movie-lovers. You can hold them, enjoy the artwork, and display your collection on a shelf. You...

How to Get Shares on Your Facebook Video

With 1.01 billion daily active users on it’s platform, Facebook is the world’s largest social network. Users young and old use the site as...
YouTube success infographic

YouTube Success and the Brave New World of New Media

We’re currently going through one of the most tumultuous times in the industry as the new media begins to overtake the old media as...
There is no magical step-by-step recipe to create a YouTube goldmine, but developing a loyal audience is a big step in the right direction.

Building YouTube Profits: How to Attract and Retain Loyal Viewers

In this article we’ll explore how to grow a dedicated audience to help ensure your channel is profitable. Find Your Niche First and foremost, you have...
Big Talk: The Power of Illusion in Building Your Vlog

Big Talk: The Power of Illusion in Building Your Vlog

When it comes to vlogging or talk-show style video formats, this “dress for success” mentality translates into producing videos in anticipation of the audience...

4 Ways to get more YouTube subscribers

Let’s face it, in the world of YouTube, content is king. Successful YouTube channels serve up fresh content that loyal viewers rush to experience. But how do you get to that point?

Video Courses

Church Video Production

How to Plan a Production (Free for Non-Members) Planning is vital to the success of any production. Without a plan, your video likely won’t succeed...

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3 livestreaming setups to amp up your streaming game

If you want to start livestreaming, or you're looking to step up your game, we have three livestreaming setups for you to try.

Everything you need to know about HDR livestreams

HDR livestreams are becoming more common, but what does it take to stream in HDR? We're here to cover everything you need to know.

Everything you need to know about livestreaming

The popularity of livestreaming continues to increase and isn't slowing down. We're here to show you the best strategies and techniques.

Your guide to livestreaming platforms – which is the best for you?

In any industry, whenever an invention shows it has the potential to be successful or lucrative, competitors will always show up. The intention is usually to emulate the great idea but make it better. It might be bigger, faster, more efficient, less expensive or...

Socially distanced video production

Content creators have always been an innovative bunch. For example, just about every studio has a few apple boxes around. It's the perfect tool for lifting a light, a set piece or even to help a short actor to fit into frame. In the...
submitting to film festivals: should you send in a film that isn't done?

Submitting to film festivals: can you submit unfinished work?

Submitting unfinished work to a film festival is not advised. However, it is still an option for many wanting to see their picture make the deadline.
camera in the foreground with a computer behind it

Cheapest live streaming setup for home professionals

There are loads of ways to live stream, but we are going to keep it simple today. Our goal is to give you the...
Multicamera setup streaming setup

What you need for a streaming setup with two camera inputs

Need help connecting two cameras for you streaming setup? We'll fill you in on the gear you need for a successful multiple camera streaming setup.
The Slanted Lens gives us a few lighting setups for vlogs

What light setups work best for vlogs?

Do you need some help picking out the lighting your vlogs? Here are some light setups you can consider using for your projects.
As more teacher are now teaching online, we have a few tips to help them do it more effectivly

How teachers can be more effective while teaching online

Shifting to teaching online can be a very stressful and overwhelming process. However it can be done. We have a few tips to help teachers make the switch.
Here is how you can live stream on mobile

How to live stream from your smartphone

There are many platforms that allow you to live stream on mobile. In this article, we'll show you how you can live stream on all of them with your phone.
How to set up your background for a video conference in your home

How to set up a video conference background in your home

In this article, we will tell you what you need to set up a professional and impressive video conderence call right from your home.
Essential vlogging equipment

This is all the essential vlogging equipment you need

Having the right equipment when you decide to start vlogging will make your life a whole lot easier and will allow you to make much better content.
photo of man holding digital camera

Finding success on YouTube in 5 steps

Starting a YouTube channel is like most things in life, having a clear plan is key. Here are five steps that will set you on a path to YouTube success.