Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve
Blackmagic is updating DaVinci Resolve's editing and color features.

At Inter Bee 2018, Blackmagic Design announces a huge updates coming to DaVinci Resolve. Expect features like faster editing and more color plug-ins.

The update will add more than 30 features that customers have been asking for says Blackmagic. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s being added to the program:

Editing updates

The update will improve DaVinci Resolve editing, color correction, VFX and audio software. The editing timeline will draw at a higher frame rate — making editing faster and more responsive. There will also be visual dup detection (which tells users when the same clip has been used more than once) and a redesigned keyboard.

Additionally, the update will make pancake editing quicker. Pancake editing is when clips are being editing of clips between multiple timelines. Also, users can load timelines or compound into the source viewer and edit them into the current timeline.

Editors can now mark clips in the source timeline with the X key. From there, they can edit it directly into the active program timeline.

Color updates

Blackmagic has added a few color focused plug-in to Resolve. Expect to see ResolveFX ACES transform, ResolveFX gamut limiter and ResolveFX beauty smoothing plug-ins. Users will also now have the ability to bypass mixer node input by turning off connected nodes.

After the update, Resolve will offer support for exporting gallery stills with custom label names. Also, LUTs can be applied on compound nodes and shared nodes can be converted to a corrector node.

Updates to Fusion

Fusion is also getting updates this time around. User will now be able to create Fusion compositions independent of the edit timeline. Additionally, Blackmagic has given Fusion saver nodes and loader node, ResolveFX plugins on the Fusion page and Temporal Open FX plugins. And frame range sliders automatically scale to render range.

This update will be free to current DaVinci users. You can see all the update coming to Resolve in its full press release.

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