Get Better Footage out of Your DSLR Using Picture Styles

When you see a film in the theater, you’re looking at footage that has been professionally color corrected and graded to give a stunning result. But film straight out of the camera is actually a fairly flat image with far less contrast, sharpness, and color. Starting with a flatter image gives editors more flexibility in post production, and maximizes the dynamic range potential of every shot. In this segment we show you how to get a flatter image out of your DSLR camera using picture styles. You’ll learn how they work, what settings you can modify in camera, and how to install custom styles widely used by professional DSLR shooters. Getting a flatter image out of your camera can help you squeeze out that extra bit of dynamic range and detail, and get you great looking results.

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Greg Olson
Greg is a Media Production Specialist for Chico State University.