Basic Three-Point Lighting

Poorly lit scenes can leave your project looking flat and lifeless. But if you can get the lighting right, it will help establish a tone, and bring the depth and texture to your footage. In this segment, we talk about the basics of 3 and 4-point lighting including key lights, fill lights, backlights and set lights. Plus, some insight into hard light and soft light, and high key and low key lighting styles. Knowing the fundamentals of basic lighting setups can help breathe life into bland scene.

Creating the Film Noire Look (High and Low Key Lighting)

Color Temperature and Lighting

Gels and Diffusion: Everything You Should Know


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  1. No idea why, but just was not able to get the audio for this to play. Tried bluetooth and wired headphones and internal speakers, tried firefox and chrome, but couldn’t get any dang audio. Pretty frustrating tbh, seems like an interesting and useful video

  2. Hey Lauren, Sorry you’re having an issue with this. Our videos play silently by default, but if you hover over the video, a speaker icon will appear. Click this icon will toggle sound on and off.

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