Matching Action Cuts Like the Pros

One thing that separates amateur videos from professional videos is shooting a scene from multiple angles and cutting on the action.  Cutting on the action is an editing technique where the editor cuts from one angle of a shot to another, while maintaining the continuity of the action in the scene.  In this segment, we'll show you how we cut four different camera angles together to form one continuous scene.

Greg is a Media Production Specialist for Chico State University.


  1. Hi. A useful tutorial – thanks. I didn’t know about the right click drag/delete, but I do use Q and W to achieve the same thing. It is much quicker.

    I would love to know how to do the opposite – drag a cut longer to push everything else to the right on the timeline. At the moment, I laboriously select everything to the right and drag it out of the way, or insert a bit of black video to make a space for extending the cut.

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