Titles & Graphics

There’s no better way to get information to your viewers than with great looking titles and graphics. We show you everything from the importance of typography and design, to how to make effective opening titles, bugs, and lower thirds. You’ll also find tips and tutorials on how to give your titles energy using keyframes and effects to inform and impress your audience.

Designing Logos (Free for Non-Members)
A look at how great logos are made, the meaning of their context, and how to design your logos so that they are informational and memorable.

Opening Titles and Bugs
Learn the power of opening titles and bugs with a look at their purpose and where they’re used for best exposure.

Lower Thirds (Free for Non-Members)
We look at their purpose and design and take you step-by-step through their creation.

You’ll discover how to use typography concepts like contrast, spacing, and composition to create text that both engages your audience and moves viewers into action.

Keyframing Titles
Keyframing makes quick work of any animation. Learn to use this powerful feature to change opacity, position, scale, and rotation for a professional look.

Best Effects and Filters
Learn how to use compelling light flares, particle generators, noise, and motion tracking effects.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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