Multi-Cam Production

Capturing a live event can be a formidable task. Whether it’s a wedding, concert, or presentation, using a multiple camera setup can help ensure you get complete coverage, without missing important moments. Learn about planning, choosing gear, setting up, shooting and directing, editing, and using a switcher. Knowing how to pull off a multi-cam production can help make sure your next project covers all the action.

Planning (Free for Non-Members)
In this segment, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a multi-cam setup, as well as gathering the information you need about the event.

Choosing Gear
In this segment, we talk about choosing cameras, support, audio gear, and lighting. Using the right gear is the core of a good shoot, and a great final product.

In this segment, we talk about choosing a multi-cam production workflow, ensuring good communication, and setting up on the day of the event.

Shooting and Directing (Free for Non-Members)
In this segment, we talk about last minute preparations, shooting techniques, and how to direct a crew.

In this segment, we talk about labeling your clips, syncing your audio and video, setting up a multicamera clip, and using the multicamera editing tools.

Using a Switcher (Free for Non-Members)
In this segment we talk about getting video and audio into a switcher, the basics of switching, and adding live graphics over your shots.

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