Movie Genres Basic Training

Learn how to stylize your next video as the experts from Videomaker examine six of the most popular movie genres. Follow our step-by-step tutorials as we review the details of each genre and teach you valuable shooting, lighting, audio and editing tips.

The Horror Genre (Free for Non-Members)
We show you the ins and outs of the horror film genre. Everything from the history to how to shoot it to the unique dark silhouette lighting style.

The Documentary Genre
Real life emotion is something that can be hard to capture on video. Let us show you how to make professional looking documentaries, by the lighting you set up and how you shoot it.

The Action Genre (Free for Non-Members)
Get ready to run, duck and hide! Learn the steps to creating your very own action video, with an emphasis on thematic editing and more!

The Drama Genre
Want to create your very own drama? Something emotional, dark and memorable? We show you how, as we examine how to create a visual design, draw out time and edit for emotion.

The Western Genre
The duels, the stare downs and the intensity, learn the steps to creating your own western video, as we examine how to shoot it, edit it and stylize it.

The Science Fiction Genre
Expand your knowledge of the science fiction genre, as we look at the history, match lighting, post production green screen work, framing and set extension.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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