Making Commercials

If you want to make money with video production, producing commercials is a great way to start. Videomaker‘s Making Commercials walks you through the entire process. Using these methods, you can produce a great commercial your client will love, and land you more commercial production projects going forward.

Meeting the Client (Free for Non-Members)
The first meeting with a client is the foundation for a successful commercial. Learn to make a good impression and ask the right questions.

Forming Ideas (Free for Non-Members)
We teach you to distill all your information into a great concept, choose a style of advertising, and pitch the idea to the client.

Your script is approved. Now learn to break it down, create a shot list and storyboard, and assemble the resources for the shoot.

Shooting (Free for Non-Members)
Learn everything you need to know about the logistics of shooting inside a business, how to work with the client on set and when to improvise.

Learn about the commercial editing process, including spot lengths and formats, and adding voice-overs, music and sound effects.

Revisions & Delivery
Your first cut is done. Now discover how to show the finished spot to the client, make revisions, and create deliverable formats.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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