Light it Right!

Segments include:

Lighting Tools
There are a number of lights and lighting kits available today. Learn how they can help you make the videos you’re after.

Studio Lighting (Free for Non-Members)
Don’t let lighting issues deter you from shooting in dark settings. Learn some pointers from our experts, and start creating the videos you want no matter where you are.

On Location Lighting (Free for Non-Members)
Learning how to light for your shoots anywhere and everywhere is the key to creating professional looking video.

Night-time Lighting
Learn how to overcome the lighting obstacles you’re likely to face when shooting during night-time hours.

Lighting a Green Screen
We show you the best way to set up for lighting a green screen and lighting the subject.

Fluorescent and LED
Cool, bright and low-power, fluorescent’s and LED’s are changing the way lighting is practiced. Learn about these exciting lighting technologies.

Light Theory
You need to know the basics. Why not start here with a lesson on the basic principles of lighting theory, from color temperature to white balance.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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