DVD Authoring & Design

We start with the basics of making a DVD. Then we cover the most common dvd authoring tools found in DVD authoring software followed by DVD menu creation and MPEG Encoding.

Segments include:

Intro to DVD Authoring (Free for Non-Members)
We compare and contrast DVD and VHS, to introduce you to the potential of DVD as a means of delivering your message to an audience.

DVD Authoring Tools
Before you can start making your own DVDs, you’ll need a set of tools. In this segment, we’ll review the tools available on the market today.

Menu Design (Free for Non-Members)
You’ll learn the definitions and basic design techniques of making buttons, menus and backgrounds.

Navigation & Linkages
This video will help you determine the best navigational format for your DVD by breaking it into chapters and linking them up.

DVD Extras
You’ll get an overview of advanced features including: DVD-ROM, multiple languages and subtitles as well as details on various professional distribution requirements.

MPEG-2 Encoding & Burning
This section covers everything from selecting quality and setting variable bit rate compression to pre-encoding processing.

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