Documentary Production: Equipment & Crew

Choosing a Camera (Free for Non-Members)
We look at quality optics, battery technology, inputs and outputs, recording media, and controls to help you find the best camera for your needs.

Choosing Audio Gear
Youll learn about mic features such as pickup pattern, frequency response, wireless capabilities and design, and how to assemble a great audio kit.

Choosing Lighting Gear
A look at lighting technology and gear. Learn about fixture designs and lamp types along with the best equipment for blocking, diffusing and reflecting light.

Essential Accessories (Free for Non-Members)
Tripods, sleds, dollies and arm and vest systems are just a few of the stabilizing gear you might use. Learn about the differences as well as the essential grip gear for any shoot.

Finding Crews
To find the perfect team for your project, we explore considerations to choosing members, how to determine crew size and sources for finding the right individuals for your needs.

Working With Crews
You’ll learn tips on holding useful production meetings with your crew, and tips on transporting and feeding crew- members to assure a happy and productive team.

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