Do it Yourself Video Equipment

If you’re the kind of shooter that always wants the latest and greatest tools, but have more time than money, don’t worry; we’ve got your back. In this course, we show you that a little know-how and an afternoon trip to the hardware store can help you add polish and professionalism to your next production. Eventually, you may want to spring for top of the line, professionally built gear, but until then, it’s worth your time to do it yourself!

How to Make Your Own Matte Box (Free for Non-Members)
We show you how to assemble a simple and inexpensive matte box that will keep your shots free of stray light and looking clean and pristine.

How to Make Your Own Table Top Dolly
Build the body, axles, wheels, and camera mount for a table top dolly that can help add both character and dimension to your next production

How to Make Your Own Boom Pole, Blimp, and Windscreen (Free for Non-Members)
Begin your quest for quality audio by making your very own microphone boom pole and windscreen using materials from any hardware store.

How to Make Your Own Car Mount (Free for Non-Members)
To help you with your car shots, we show you how to build your own car mount using simple and inexpensive materials.

How to Make Your Own DSLR Camera Rig
Quality video requires a stable shot – something that’s difficult to get without using a quality stabilizer. This video shows you how to build your own.

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