Basic Audio for Video

Commanding a mic is a big responsibility and knowing how to wield one brings real power. Get to the basics of mic construction, uses for different mics and work with audio in post-production to really make your sound stand out. Over the course of your productions, you’re sure to encounter plenty of issues when it comes to audio. Help yourself be ready for interviews, voice overs, music and more by learning tips such as how to target the human vocal range. Remember this, good audio ups your production value, a few more minutes spent here will help your video resonate.

Segments include:
Microphone Types
An introduction to various microphone types and pick-up patterns.

Outdoor Audio (Free for Non-Members)
Solutions to common outdoor audio problems.

Indoor Audio (Free for Non-Members)
Tips and tricks for dealing with common indoor audio problems.

Audio Editing
An introduction to tools and techniques for editing audio.

Audio Sweetening
Professional tips for enhancing audio through filters and techniques.

Audio Situations
How to capture great audio in situations ranging from weddings to events.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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