Audio Techniques for Going Pro

Capturing great audio is crucial for professional video projects. Gain a better understanding of microphone selection, recording techniques and post-production methods. Learn to decipher microphone pickup patterns, proper operating techniques for a boom mic, and how to use a field mixer effectively. Plus, we show you how to create foley sound, add music and sound effects to your project, and how to fix tough audio issues in post-production.

Microphone Pickup Patterns (Free for Non-Members)
Learn about the directional characteristics and sensitivity of a microphone, and how it can help you choose the right microphone for the job.

Operate a Boom Mic Like a Pro
We show you the right way to use a boom mic, including set up, operating techniques, positioning, choosing the right mic for the job, and achieving audio perspective.

Using Field Mixers (Free for Non-Members)
If you’re shooting with a DSLR, or you just need more audio inputs, a field mixer can help expand your audio possibilities, and get you better quality audio.

Removing Unwanted Sounds
When you’ve got audio issues in post, the spectral frequency view in Adobe Audition is a powerful tool. Learn to remove sounds like a phone ringing or a car alarm.

Adding Sound Effects & Music
Well placed sound effects and music provide context for your scene. We walk through the process of adding sound effects and music to help intensify a scene.

Recording Foley Sound
Foley sound can add audio depth to any project. We show you how to create footsteps, clothing rustle, breathing and other unique sounds using ordinary items as props.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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