Advanced Audio Editing

This course is all about audio and its relationship to video as these elements work together, hand in hand. Covering frequency, signal processing effects, sound effects, compressors, limiters and gates, mixing, ADR and finally, audio editing, this course gives you a strong foundation in audio production. With these tools, you’ll be able to create an immersive experience that, when done properly, will keep your viewer in the story and more deeply engaged.

Course Overview (Free for Non-Members)
A strong foundation in audio editing will make your videos better, allowing your viewer to remain in the story and stay more deeply engaged.

Frequency (Free for Non-Members)
Understanding frequency is key to a complete understanding of audio and how to manipulate it. We’ll cover this important aspect as a basis for many audio editing techniques.

Signal Processing: Effects
Signal processing effects like a phaser, flanger, delay and echo are some of the most impactful ways to manipulate your audio. We’ll cover their concepts and uses.

Sound Effects
When it comes to sound effects, there are several different approaches. We’ll cover the 4 principal sound effect types: foley, hard effects, backgrounds and sound design.

It’s important to understand how compressors and limiters work to control the dynamic range of you audio. Use these to for a polished final project.

ADR is used to improve your final product through dialogue performances recorded in post-production. Learn how to use ADR to take your video to the next level.

Audio Editing
Editing allows for more control and can be used to remove unwanted audio or sweeten up sounds that need a little something more.

Mixing (Free for Non-Members)
A properly mixed audio track keeps your viewer focused on the audio you want them to hear. The job of the mix is to clear the mud and clutter to achieve balance.

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