A Beginner’s Guide to Professional Results

Entering the world of video production is an exciting venture. Knowing some of the fundamental rules and techniques can help you increase your production skills while avoiding common pitfalls. Learn to frame your shots effectively and choose camera angles that work together to enhance the story you’re trying to tell. Plus, find out how to white balance properly, create custom body wipes and create better videos with your smartphone.

Frame Shots Like a Pro
Discover the rule of thirds and how to frame your shots with proper head and lead room. Plus, learn to anticipate action, and break the rules for dramatic effect.

Using Camera Angles
Learn to use camera angles to pull the emotional and psychological strings of your audience. Find out how different angles are achieved and when to use them.

The 180 Degree Rule (Free for Non-Members)
The 180-degree rule ensures that your scenes will cut together well. Learn the principles of the rule, and how to use different techniques to keep continuity in in your scene.

Understanding White Balance
We show you the basics of color temperature, when to use auto settings, and how to set your white balance manually to ensure natural looking footage in any situation.

Body Wipe Transitions
Ditch your preset transitions and learn to combine shooting and post production techniques to create dynamic body wipes to stylize your next project.

Shooting With a Smartphone (Free for Non-Members)
Get better video with your smartphone! Learn to utilize framing, stabilization, exposure & focus, lighting, audio and accessories to maximize the potential in your pocket.

The Videomaker Editors are dedicated to bringing you the information you need to produce and share better video.

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