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      Hi, im currently having a hard time finding a mic that actually works on the ZR900.

      the problem, as far as i have been able to investigate, is the type of microphone, for example, if i connect a “normal” lapel microphone, it just doesnt record a thing, i think its because its a quartz crystal microphone.

      i thought that the plug in the camera was broken or something, but if i record from a “powered” source, such as an ipod or such, it records great. i found that if i record from a pair of headphones (yes, thats not a mistake, i connected headphones) the soundis also great, and that makes me think that a diaphragm mic would do the trick… but im still yet to find a mic that works…

      any suggestions? thnx a lot!

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      I’m confused. What do you mean “record from a powered source”? Something like an ipod wouldn’t connect to a camera with the same connection as a mic. Are you connecting your mic into the right port? I’m guessing you’re an average Joe with an average camera, so you should be looking for an 1/8″ mic jack. Some consumers cameras don’t even have that though….

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      So…I just checked out your camera at B&H. You should be connecting a mic that uses an 1/8″ jack. Plug that into your mic input, which is the red hole on the left side of your camera…near the LCD…incase you didn’t notice it there….

      Good Luck

Viewing 2 reply threads
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